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Tait Modern

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Tait Modern - Uniting Souls Music


Tait is a positive force who’s woven into the fabric of Seattle's underground music community. A builder of creative alliances, beautiful spaces and tough beats, Tait’s evolution as an artist flows with the story of the growth of the burgeoning dance music metropolis.

As a key player in Uniting Souls, Tait’s current house sound represents a hard, edgy sound true to his punk rock and drum & bass roots. In the early days with the crew, he helped bridge the house-heavy roster with the city’s finest drum & bass talent, and with his drive to create more avenues for the music that moved him, ignited other nights around the city.

Tait’s role with the now-legendary epicenter that was Electric Tea Garden was a labor of love that signified a growth point for him as a DJ and promoter, hustling for all the various crews who ran their regular and one-off nights at the venue.

He’s passionate about pushing the edges of DJ performance and building alliances to create memorable experiences, including the beloved summertime Cascadia NW festival.

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