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You can catch Mz Worthy (Dirtybird, SF) at this months secondary edition of Diggin Deep, Monkey Loft!

Uniting Souls presents Diggin' Deep - every last Saturday at Monkey Loft, featuring local + international guest DJ/producers

Uniting Souls Music presents...


every last Saturday



:::: LOFT STAGE ::::

special guest

MZ WORTHY (dirtybird, He.She.They - SF)



:::: GREEN ROOM : EvoWerx Takeover ::::







With your tickets, you can skip the general admission line and enter via Ticketholders

Music starts at 10pm in the Loft

2nd stage starts at 11pm

See you on the dance floor!

21+ w/valid ID


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No one knows how to push the boundaries of House music quite like Mz Worthy. With a deeply intuitive understanding of production, she’s shown reverence to the traditional form of classic House even while tripping off the mark & sinking into euphoric, less-charted territories of booty-clapping bass. Attaching “Mz” to her name, Mz Worthy marks the new era of her career. With a new relationship to DJing, she connects with her music and her audience like never before. Despite over two decades in the scene, she continuously felt disconnected from the world and her fans. After years of repressing feelings of gender dysphoria, Mz Worthy came out as transgender in 2020. Describing the discovery as pieces of a puzzle coming together, Mz Worthy has invited her fans to join her on her journey in finding herself. Feeling a sense of freedom like never before, she has become more expressive in her music and mixing. Mz Worthy is no stranger to the world of electronic music. Energized by the early American rave scene, she bounced from city to city before finally landing in San Francisco. It was here that she put down roots and established the Dirtybird party alongside Claude VonStroke & Justin & Christian Martin. She released her breakout track “Irst Te” off Dirtybird records back in 2007, followed up by bangers like “Shy Look” (2012), “Tric Trac” with Eats Everything (2011) and “Dip” (2013). Worthy once again proved her notoriety as a producer with her 2014 debut album, Disbehave. Released off her very own label, Anabatic Records, the critically acclaimed album defies genres and pushes the boundaries of the traditional House sound. She followed the record up with a 2-part remix album, featuring Will Clarke, Walker & Royce, Thugfucker, Stanton Warriors, and Yolanda be Cool among others. She has since released on top labels, such as Defected, Exploited, Insomniac, and Toolroom. Having played the massive Coachella, Dirtybird Campout, Burning Man, and Ultra festivals, Mz Worthy has the insight to play for her audience every time, cultivating intense positive energy and an energetic dance floor camaraderie. She invites her audience to embrace their true selves, just as she is. Open to showing and teaching the trans experience, Mz Worthy is a light for other LGBTQ artists. This is only the beginning for her as she reintroduces herself to the scene

A local crew with deep PNW music and art roots takes over the Green Room from 11pm-3am. Taking you on an eclectic journey of sounds - expect to hear everything from loungey downtempo beats to liquid DnB and techno!

See you on the dance floor

“UNITING SOULS has contributed to setting standards as to what the Seattle electronic music community has to offer on a local & international level. It is because of organizations like Uniting Souls that Seattle is a favorite stop among touring electronic musicians. With e-mail, smart phones, cheap flights, declining costs in music production, and the explosion of information technology, the face of the global music community is rapidly changing, but it is collectives like Uniting Souls that are evolving right alongside to help define and retain humanness in the often impersonal world we’ve created.” - The Stranger (Seattle’s Largest Weekly)


EvoWerx provides immersive experiences with a focus on underground electronic music, arts, culture, community, and dance.

We have hosted many of your most memorable moments in the last 20 years. Ever hear about those legendary train tunnel parties from the early 2000s? Yep, that's us. Epic underground thematic basement parties and multi-day urban festivals, That's us too. Secret renegade outdoor events? That's also us. We have also been known to raise money for the animals, and local communities, among many non-profits!

As individuals, we have all contributed to the Pacific Northwest dance culture in separate endeavors. Today we are so excited to announce this new coalition of organizers from various crews you are familiar with and our plans to bring you even more of the thing you dance (or bob your head if that's your thing) and push forward our culture of acceptance and love among one another.

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