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Join us for our new event series LONGPLAY, featuring a 4 hour set by Doc Martin (Sublevel - LA)

Uniting Souls Music presents a new event series dedicated to longer DJ sets...


FRIDAY MAY 17, 2024

featuring a 4-HOUR SET by house legend

((( DOC MARTIN )))

Sublevel, Los Angeles

+ a 2-hour set by

(( LGSP ))

Uniting Souls, Seattle

To our Uniting Souls Friends & Fam -

We're excited to present Longplay, a new night dedicated to longer DJ sets, allowing both locals and international/touring headliners ample time to take you on a journey. And what a better way to launch this night than to have a true living legend, Doc Martin, play a 4-hour set for us!

After three decades of bringing people together with music, Doc's passion and drive remain as strong as ever. He maintains a steady schedule of performances across the globe, from Europe to Australia, North & South America to Japan, while continuing to release new tracks regularly. As the rare artist to achieve the status of elder-statesman, and still push the envelope creatively, he has left a lasting legacy in electronic music, a legacy which he continues to add to every day.

Doc's extensive knowledge and incomparable catalog of tracks, and rare, hard-to-find records, both classic and new, combined with his expertise in everything from deep, tech, tribal, and acid house to techno, gives his sets a distinct sound, and has allowed him to develop the genre-bending style that has come to define his career.

This is going to be a very special night! Doc will play from midnight to 4am, and we're delighted to have him back at Monkey Loft for the premiere!

And we also want the local DJ's to play longer sets, so we've lined up USM resident LGSP to play from 10pm to midnight.

LGSP's exuberance for art is directly tied to her passion for music. For LGSP, music brings life. Her affinity for music has been constant and unwavering, resulting in a deeply rooted respect, love, and dedication to the arts. As an artist of multiple genres, she has embarked on a life-long exploration to enhance, amplify, and share her craft.

Join us on Friday May 17th at Monkey Loft for the premiere of our new night, Longplay.

Limited number of Adv Tickets available at

“UNITING SOULS has contributed to setting standards as to what the Seattle electronic music community has to offer on a local & international level. It is because of organizations like Uniting Souls that Seattle is a favorite stop among touring electronic musicians.

With e-mail, smart phones, cheap flights, declining costs in music production, and the explosion of information technology, the face of the global music community is rapidly changing, but it is collectives like Uniting Souls that are evolving right alongside to help define and retain humanness in the often impersonal world we’ve created.” - The Stranger (Seattle’s Largest Weekly)

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