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Friday 3/22, You're Invited to a Special Edition of Diggin Deep, Monkey Loft, w/ EINMUSIK (Berlin), Snapdragon, Drawbird, JAOGAZ, and David Ardila!

A special guest coming all the way from Berlin - Uniting Souls presents EINMUSIK




the long-awaited return of...

EINMUSIK (Einmusika Recordings - Berlin)

::: Local support :::

SNAPDRAGON ( Uniting Souls, Seattle)

DRAWBIRD (Uniting Souls, ImmersionXR)


If you were there last time we had Einmusik at the Loft, you know what a special treat Seattle is in for - grab your tickets, we appreciate the love & support!


With your tickets, you can skip the general admission line and enter via Ticketholders (please have your ID and scannable tickets ready at the door)

See you on the dance floor!

21+ w/valid ID


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Einmusik is a master of melodic house and techno. With high energy sets and infectious vibes, Einmusik has become a favorite among fans of electronic music. His unique sound has been lighting up dance floors around the world for over a decade. His tracks are filled with intricate melodies and complex rhythms, creating a sonic landscape that is both beautiful and powerfully moving.

Einmusik´s music is not an industry secret, but still an undiscovered star in the growing universe of electronic sounds. No straight line to follow, no seasonal sound – his cosmos is too big to dive through it within an hour. Born in the late 70’s he was influenced by Depeche Mode, the sound of Visage and Kraftwerk. Right after he slowly discovered the world of Drum and Bass and later emotional techno material with the little extra. With “Jittery Heritage“ he started many moons ago to create his own style, full of melodies and open soundscapes. A lot of releases and remixes on well known imprints from all over the world followed and a lot of long nights in the clubs.

With “5 A.M“ he produced later an album between light and darkness to bundle the mood of traveling and touring. The musical output went from earth to the universe, creating heart-breaking moments and uplifting minutes. And the longplayer “I.D.C.“ followed – a statement against doing statements. Einmusik is not the man of words and vocals. He is not the one telling you what is the right sound for the right moment. But you will discover his anthems – they will reach you unexpected.

His label Einmusika Recordings is a hub for younger artists. The place where you can do your first steps and grow without a rush. After 10 years it became as well his favourite place to be independent and follow the inspiration without paradigms. With his longplayer “Serenade“ Einmusik created a milestone on his imprint. Another journey to unknown widths. Like a secret garden, a wide open playground, an undiscovered world – make sure you’re ready to take off to the future with him.

“UNITING SOULS has contributed to setting standards as to what the Seattle electronic music community has to offer on a local & international level. It is because of organizations like Uniting Souls that Seattle is a favorite stop among touring electronic musicians. With e-mail, smart phones, cheap flights, declining costs in music production, and the explosion of information technology, the face of the global music community is rapidly changing, but it is collectives like Uniting Souls that are evolving right alongside to help define and retain humanness in the often impersonal world we’ve created.” - The Stranger (Seattle’s Largest Weekly)

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