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D.Guti - Deep Light Recordings (deep/rominimal/micro house)

a.k.a Derrick Deep


Derricks roots began in the year 2000 near the Bay-Area of California where he was inspired by the sounds of Underground House & Techno DJ's of that time. He then moved to Seattle in 2003 where he began his journey with Uniting Souls Music.


In 2018 Derrick launched Deep Light Recordings which focuses on Deep-Tech, Rominimal, Micro, and Tech-House productions, mix recordings, and event productions.


In March of 2019, Derrick received an invitation to become a resident DJ on The Vortex (C89.5FM) to showcase the sounds of his taste in music. You can catch his set on Seattle's C89.5FM every Saturday night. Derrick's residency has been an unprecedented spotlight for the sounds of rominimal, micro, deeptech and underground house. 

Derrick's roots reflect in his DJ sets and in his production work. He has pioneered his own unique sound by digging deep for vinyl & digital music and creating his own music with various kinds of drum machines and synthesizers.

Derricks technique and philosophy behind the music come from a place of heart & soul and he has been successful at manifesting his vision behind the music. Some of the most unique qualities about Derrick's performances can be found in his mixing techniques, unique selections, and forward-thinking music.


Derricks music can include the sounds of (but not limited to) deep, tech, minimal, micro, tribal, techno, and some house with psychedelic and organic instrumentation along with heavy yet smooth 'sine-wave' bass-lines with clean-cut drums and percussion. However, he has been known to be a multi-genre dj, giving a special twist to any style of music that moves him like downtempo, drum & bass, progressive, breaks, house, and tech.

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